It takes a whole lot of people to fill the needs of the congregation and the community! This is how it works. . .


The CHURCH COUNCIL consists of 12 members elected by the congregation in the fall for a 2 year term. Members meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm.  The Council has authority as delegated to it by the congregation in accordance with the bylaws. Members of the Council serve on the standing committees and report committee plans and activities to the Council at the monthly meetings.


Regional, National and International Benevolence

Grace Church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Southwest California Synod, through which we are connected with and contribute to local, national and worldwide charity, aid, and missions. Contact: Margaret Lowe


STANDING COMMITTEES:            Participants are welcome in all meetings, groups, and events!


Christian Education Committee

Oversees education programs and encourages spiritual growth through study, reflection, prayer and discussions with others. Provides training for the teachers of the congregation and sees that adequate facilities and materials are available.   Activities include oversight of Sunday School, VBS, Bible Study, and support for other educational programs.

Participants include Lisa Skelley, Johna Miller, and Beverly O’Brien (Sunday School Superintendent)

Meetings: Please contact Johna Miller for meeting times.


Christian Service Committee

The purpose of this committee is to reach out with compassion and understanding to the ill, shut-ins, hungry, homeless and those longing for peace and justice.  Activities include food drives, toy drives, flower arrangements for shut-ins, visiting members in need, birthday cards, AIDS ministry, care packages to military, educational meetings regarding environmental issues.

Participants include Nancy Watson, Barbara Jefferson, Patti Millett, and Dolores Johnson

Meetings: 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm

Contact Nancy Watson


Fellowship & Outreach

The purpose of this committee is to minister to those yet un-churched by finding opportunities to let the Holy Spirit work both in and through the church and community. It will note those persons who have lapsed in their attendance and encourage them to participate as they are able. It will follow up with visitors, and assist or support the Pastor in making arrangements for the orientation and reception of new members.

The committee offers opportunities to members of the congregation to come together in Christian fellowship. Activities include sponsoring the Women’s Tea, Men’s Brunch, Talent Show, maintaining the website, and outreach events for the community. 

Participants include Grace Elliott, Cathy Biggs, Ken Smith, Robert Tidwell, Katie Parks, Stephen Jahn, and Norman Auslander  Meetings: Contact Grace Elliott for times


Property and Support

Cares for and maintains the property of the congregation, assisting in the care, protection, repair, maintenance and replacement of all church property, equipment and landscaping of the church grounds.

Participants include Lu Petersen, Jim Snodgrass, MJ Petersen, and Marty Hente.

Meetings: Contact Marty Hente for information


Stewardship & Finance

Plans and administers the finances of the congregation and educates the congregation to understand a person’s stewardship of self under God: time, energy, ability, and money. Activities include distribution of time/talent sheets and offering envelopes, preparation of annual budget draft, supervise insurances, arranges for the counting and depositing of offerings, and provide for annual audits of financial records.

Participants include Marsha Heath, Jerry Gottschalk, Ken Smith, Cindy Lundquist, and Leah Wouters.

Meetings: Contact Marsha Heath for information


Worship & Music

Supports the Pastor in regard to the conduct of worship services. Provides for and supports the ministry of music, recruits and provides service assistants, provides material and personnel as needed by the Altar Guild, sees that hymnals and other devotional materials are provided and cared for, and fills all pulpit vacancies in the event of an emergency. The Performing Arts Ministry (PAM) is a sub-committee headed by Marina Tidwell.

Participants include Betty Davis, Len Lovgren, Mary Lou Basaraba, Marina Tidwell, and MJ Petersen.

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 3:30 pm. Call Marina for info: 310-559-1027



The purpose of this committee is to guide and coordinate the life and mission of the youth. It provides not only activities for youth but continues the spiritual growth of the young people, integrating them into the life of the church and creating an awareness that youth ministry is an integral part of the life and mission of the entire congregation. Activities include fellowship, parties, Yard Sales, summer activities, providing support for summer camps, and Bible Study on Friday nights at 6:30pm.

Meetings: One Friday night/month.  Contact Michelle Moreno for more information